Mountain Home for Active Living

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Do you enjoy an active lifestyle?

Do you dream of owning your own place where outdoor activities are at your fingertips? A home that will always be ready and where you won’t spend the whole weekend mowing the lawn or doing other household chores? Trio Harrachov will make your dream come true. The five-story houses, taken together, offer a total of 44 apartments, from one-bedrooms to two-bedrooms (25 m2 to 88 m2). The apartments are south or south-east facing and boast pleasant views of the hillsides. Almost all have their own balcony, or terrace. The units will be sold in a finished state, including triple glazed insulated windows, high quality wooden floors, and security doors. Each apartment comes with its own parking space and a spacious cellar, ideal for storing sports equipment. The project’s completion date depends on the weather conditions in the mountains. Ideally, the units in the first residence will be handed over before Christmas 2019 or no later than the following summer. The completion of the two remaining residences is scheduled for June 2022.