September 2020

Construction work is continuing according to plan. The first floor of the Amálie apartment house is now being built, while work on the Beáta apartment house has moved on to the second floor. At the same time, the inner partitions on the lower floors are being lined with bricks.

July 2020

The Amálie apartment house now has a concrete foundation slab and work on the Beáta apartment house has progressed to the second underground floor. All of the units in the officially approved Cecílie apartment house have been successfully sold.

May 2020

The Cecílie apartment house as planned received final approval in May. The first of the three mountain residences is now move-in ready. New owners will be able to enjoy their first summer in the beautiful Krkonoše countryside.

April 2020

The Cecílie apartment house will shortly receive final approval and its individual apartments are almost finished—wooden floors were laid at the beginning of the month and the bathrooms have been newly completed. The surrounding countryside is coming alive during these spring days, making it an ideal time to visit this unique mountain residence.

March 2020

Construction of the Cecílie apartment house is continuing according to schedule and is almost finished. Currently only 2 apartments in Cecílie remain for sale and will be completed by summer 2020. Apartments in the Amálie and Beáta buildings are still available and will be finished in June 2022.

November 2019

Construction work on the Cecílie apartment house is continuing in full force. Currently, only 4 apartments remain for sale. Clients can now discover the layouts and pleasant views, and take in the unique atmosphere of the peaceful Krkonose Mountains and the tranquil bubbling stream nearby.

August 2019

Work on the next stage of the project has begun and the new units will go on sale soon.

May 2019

The rough framing is now finished, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are currently being installed. Wooden windows with insulated, noise cancelling triple-glazed panes have been mounted in the apartments.

December 2018

The construction is proceeding according to schedule and the finalization of the building’s structure is expected in December 2018.